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Who is INCFin and why are we a far cry from your average accounting firm?

“if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Starting and running a business is a journey. A sometimes lonely and difficult one, littered with many ups and downs, some hard fought victories and many bitter defeats. As we progress along this journey, we begin to encounter various stumbling blocks, some preventing us from fully realising our goals and achieving our full potential. We seem to have all the opportunity and right ingredients for massive success,  we believe in what we do, we put in the hours, but somewhere, somehow something is just not clicking.

It is of this need and the desire to assist those looking for expertise and advise that INCfin was born. A need to help each and every one of our clients’ reach their full potential by providing the missing ingredients needed in their business. That is our ultimate objective. As an entrepreneur one cannot do everything. We fill in the vital gaps, allowing you to focus only on your core business. We provide you with the very best minds in taxation as well as audit and advisory to demystify the numbers and constantly add value to you, our client. The numbers don’t lie and that’s why we believe there is strength in them, even in turmoil or  under pressure. We offer an unbiased approach, cutting through all the complexity to determine a way forward, a roadmap to your ultimate destination.

We at INCfin, are constantly endeavoring to find new insights and add value to your business. We exist to help you find the missing links and ensure your business thrives well into the future. Our in-depth expertise in taxation, audit and advisory, leave us confident that we will always save you more than our charge to you, in fact, it is our service guarantee.

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